Swami – A must read historical Marathi novel.

Swami, a novel based on life of Madhavrao Peshwa. This novel written by great Marathi writer Ranjeet Desai whose work has been adored by Marathi readers from decades. Ranjeet Desai’s research and writings on Marathi history is a gift to Marathi literature.

Shanivar Wada

Swami is one of my favourite novel, and have read it many times. when my friends ask me “what is so special about the book?” I  just say ” I love the way the book is written. I love how all the characters are depicted by the writer. And the reason I want to read it again and again is I am very attracted towards the characters of Madhavrao Peshwa and Ramabai (Madhavrao’s  wife).

Madhavrao was placed on the seat of Peshwa in a very young age. Before he got all the power, the Peshwai was already in great debt taken for the war of Panipat, which Peshwas lost. Madhavrao fought smartly and bravely to bring back the lost pride of the empire. he re-established the empire in a very short period to a very long extent. Besides intelligence and bravery, when you read the book you get to know that he was man who loved the nature and understood the greatness of it. Now where do you get a man who is all brave and melodious, (this why I am attracted towards the character of madhavrao Peshwa). Unfortunately he died in a very young age after suffering from the infection of tuberculosis. Heartbroken due to death of husband Ramabai went Sati with him.  That’s sad, I know, and if you are a sensitive person tears will definitely roll down in the end.

If you are wondering why the book is called ‘Swami’, it’s because Ramabai called Madhavrao Swami(which means GOD).

So if you are a Marathi reader and you like historical novels, you should definitely read ‘Swami’ and I am sure you wil love it.